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My Shaklee Story

My Journey Discovering Health

My health journey began nearly four years ago (2013) when I began training for my first bodybuilding competition I saw how fitness and nutrition was impacting and transforming my life. I was amazed how my body was changing but more importantly I discovered I had to dig deep spiritually in a way I never had before. It was at this point I developed a passion to help others discover the same for themselves. 

I wholeheartedly believe that, like everything else in this earthly place, God gave us our physical bodies. And He commands us to take care of what we have been given. I have also discovered that when we take care of our bodies it equips us to better serve Him in the areas He has purposed us for. 

I have learned so much in nearly 4 years and I am still learning everyday. It's part of the journey. And Shaklee became HUGE part of that. About a year ago I was struggling. I was taking care of my body the best I knew how with mostly good nutrition and vitamins and suppliments (from other companies) to fill in the gaps. But I was NOT feeling as amazing as I should have. However, I wasn't even searching for myself, I was looking into better health for my children. Shaklee became the missing piece for my whole family. I continued to be impressed by this increadible company. Their above and beyond efforts to bring a product that is pure and safe for everyone could not be ignored.   

I feel God has purposed me (and continually equips me) to coach others as they work toward their own goals in health, nutrition, fitness and spiritual growth & transformation. As a Certified Fitness Trainer and Shaklee Distributor I feel I have the resourses and tools to accomplish this purpose God gave me.